Friday, February 6, 2009

Ring in the New Year

Umm hi. Happy Thanksgiving! Oh, and Merry Christmas!! And BTW, HAPPY 2009!

Yeah I'm a bit behind. It seems that my last post came in OCTOBER - which is nutty, and inexcusable. But oh well. I had gotten a little over the whole blogging thing - school was a joke, my job was in a HUGE rut and I seemed to be endlessly waiting about nursing school. So I stopped writing! I kinda thought I had nothing to say.

However, 2009 has been very...exciting, to say the least. Three weeks ago, I went to my Microbiology Lab, knowing that my letter from Nursing School was sitting at home. I had to wait three hours before I could go home and open it -> and I got in!!! I was soooo excited that I finally reached that initial goal of just
getting in. It is so hard to get in these days...and I could feel a downward spiral coming if I hadn't - work was blah and I was tired of these pre-req classes.

That weekend, I visited Philly (during that ARCTIC BLAST weekend) with my bestie to see another bestie. It was a crazy crazy weekend, and super cold. Umm, and that next Wednesday at work - I was
laid off! Talk about craziness. I got a severance package, which rocked...but suddenly I was staring down endless days with nothing to do.

I cleaned the apartment hardcore, I reacquainted myself with the cat. I grocery shopped and cooked and went to the YMCA with all the soccer moms and retirees. I also felt really lame. Yeah I "had a plan" (nursing school in MAY)...but I didn't want to think about that plan because it's new concreteness was scary. And there was still going to be two months between the severance ending and school beginning.

That brought up another point. I had been thinking and talking about Nursing School for a little more than a year now...and always knew that I would probably have to re-enter the service industry in order to work part time while I was at school. But actually doing that...not having a real paycheck and only bringing home tips? Scary. Everything felt big and bad and grown up.

No me gusta.

Well, I'll give you an update on me trying to grow up and that whole service industry thing soon, but not now. I've written enough for today! And, my cat is acting insane. Again.

-Dani (yes, yes,'s DANI, not Doris. That name was for the whole "blogging at work" thing that I was doing on the sly...)


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QL girl said...

I kinda liked reminded me of Finding Nemo. Hehe. Dani is lovely as well.

And about the working...does is have to be in the service industry? If just the thought makes you that scared is there anything else you can look into? Just a thought.

Glad to see you're back! Congrats on the Nursing school acceptance!!