Friday, February 6, 2009

Glamour Shot

Like I said in an earlier post...I have gotten better aquainted with my cat since I've been home. Mostly, this involves him running around like crazy, and then plopping down next to me for a tiny nap. I heart him!

Anyway, just so you can enjoy his supreme cuteness, I've included a recent picture of the little (OK, not little - he is well over 12 pounds) bugger. Here is a "glamor shot"of him that M and I took one afternoon...

Yeah. He's a hottie. =) He had been rolling around in some of M's shirts that we were attempting to iron - and we wonder why there is always cat hair everywhere. Although my friend says I anthropomorphize him WAY too much, I DO think he knows when I am happy, excited, depressed or anxious... and he is always up for a snuggle. Yay cats!

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