Friday, July 25, 2008

Clothes and shoes and bags, oh my!

I have a shoe thing. I got it from my mom, who in turn got it from HER mom. My nana died with many, many shoes – unfortunately they didn’t fit my mother OR me.

Anyway…after getting married I was subjected to sharing a closet. With a boy. Yeah. Anyone who lives with a guy can tell you how traumatic that is. Not that he takes up that much space, or that our closet is small…but my particular guy NOTICES EVERYTHING. Like…I’ll buy a shirt and clip the tags and hang it up before he gets home. POOF – “ Hey Bebe, did you get a new shirt?” ARG.

My mom never has this problem. She still hides purchases in the car trunk if dad is home, and then sneaks them upstairs later…and he never notices. Well, he does when the bill comes…but still.

Anyway. It is always nice to sneak a peek into a girlfriend’s closet…just too see how I compare on the closet scale. AND that is what I did last night before I saw Avenue Q (which was freaking fantastic!!!). I peeked in my friend’s closet and was thoroughly relived. This friend really isn’t a fashionista or anything – we like to compare the items that we got in middle/high school (and still wear) – but she dresses nicely. And it looks like we are on par in the closet area. She is possibly beating me – she had been packing all day and so shoes and clothes were missing from the closet. AND she has more purses.

SO THERE M. I AM NOT NUTS…my shopping is not crazy. Maybe not necessary…but not crazy. =)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I’m feeling pretty ungrateful right now. Ungrateful for my job, my wonderful apartment, my really cute cat, the fact that I have savings and that I have enough money to pay my bills and college loans.


I have no clue what brought this up. I think I am just especially crabby since my mouth STILL hurts from getting my wisdom teeth out last Friday. I mean, I took three Motrin three hours ago and my mouth is still aching. UGH – it’s WEDNESDAY. WHY is my mouth STILL hurting?

And, I have a crazy week/weekend ahead of me. I am SO lucky that my friend offered me one of her THIRD-ROW tickets to Avenue Q…and that’s tomorrow night. Also tomorrow night (but I’m not going) are an alumni mixer and a ballet class I would like to go to. Then comes Friday. My two friends got married earlier this year and have decided to move to China at the end of the month…to teach ex-pat kids. And they are coming in town for one last night of get-together-ness. And, it’s M’s bday this weekend. And my friend’s bday dinner this weekend. And I don’t have a present yet for M.

Sigh again.

And I’m HELLA bored at work. Like looking-on-Craig’s-List-for-NYC-apartments bored. I’m wondering whether I should have gone after a publishing job (like I wanted but was terrified of) after college. It seemed like such bad timing at the time – M had moved back to the East Coast for me (mostly), my mom would have flipped her shit…but I heart books…and I really think the industry is nifty. I know I would probably be disenchanted with entire industry…and that the pay sucks…and that NYC is impossibly expensive… but it’s an adventure. I really don’t want to go back to school…what if I HATE nursing??

On top of everything, I’m kinda freaking out because M got a raise. He is almost making double what I make. OK, not quite double…but a lot more than me. And that makes me feel…insignificant..? I guess. I don’t know. I just have always paid my own way…and helped HIM out with his credit cards and stuff. Now, the tables are kinda turning, and it’s odd. I need to talk to him about how I feel…but I have a feeling he is going to completely dismiss it and say it isn’t a big deal. But it IS a big deal – right?


Thursday, July 10, 2008

The IRA Blues

I was not a business major. I didn’t even take a math class in college. And, I know zip about investing. So, when my boss pulled me aside a week ago and informed me that I was (finally) eligible for our company’s retirement plan, I was both excited and immediately filled with anxiety.

My father has always told me that investing was the key to my future security – even though he really never pursued it. Even with his do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do advice, I was still STOKED about investing … when I got older. I didn’t think that my pennies earned by summer jobs would allow me to invest. I wish I would have pushed myself to buy something though! We did a stick market exercise in 9th grade that I kicked ass at – I realize it was play money…but I made a freaking 75% return!!! BUT, it was nerve wracking, even with play money. What if I chose wrongly?

Anyway, all those anxieties came back when the boss mentioned the IRA. It’s a SIMPLE IRA since I work for a small company, and that somewhat changes the game. Most everyone at work uses Vanguard…but my dad uses Fidelity. So, this is one choice – the company to go with. ALSO looming is the giant question of what type of portfolio I want to create. I realize at my age that I should go for a little more risk…but that is scary. I am NOT the gambling kind!

Thankfully my friend J offered to talk to me tonight about what I should do. He was a business major and worked at a fairly large bank, so I feel he has a good feel for this stuff. Much better than me anyway.

Sooooo yeah. I have to decide pretty quickly about everything…so I’ll keep you posted.

On another note – only FOUR more days to take my last TWO anatomy tests. Jeepers Creepers - I need to get on that STAT.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Twiddling my Thumbs

So. It’s Wednesday and I have about an hour and a half of work to do today. I know that seems like a lot to you peeps that get paid salary no questions asked – as it IS summer and it HAS been raining a lot and we DID just come back from a HOLIDAY WEEKEND – but for us peeps that have to bill our hours…BY THE QUARTER HOUR…its kinda torture.

Torture, because I can only browse the Web for so long without my eyes sticking to the tops of their sockets. Torture because I have to sit here with nothing to do while my anatomy chapter on body fluids and electrolyte balance is WAITING for me at home. Torture because I have had my space heater on for TWO hours now and my office is JUST getting warm-ish.

Sigh. This morning my coworker and I were making hot tea (I told you, I’m freezing – and slightly an anglophile), and she told me about her friend who was just laid off. With a two year old…and baby twins. So yes. I know it could be much worse…I am VERY grateful for my job…I just wish I had more to DO here.

LUCKILY I have a four-day week next week. NOT so I can laze at the pool, or even finish school work (my online class ends MONDAY thank God)…it’s so I can have my four impacted wisdom teeth CUT out of my mouth. I am not very happy about this…but it needs to happen. At least I get to spend a weekend drugged and slurping milkshakes on my parents’ couch – right?

Anyways. I am going to scrounge up some work to do…I have to put something on my timesheets, right? Ugh.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crazy Morning

My cat thought it would be cool to wake up before dawn this morning. Soooo not cool cat…just not cool. In response to hit obnoxious noises, I shut him in the other room – and then proceeded to sleep about 45 minutes past my alarm. Supersweet.

So, now I have wet hair at the office. Which really isn’t that big of a deal since we have a business casual office and no clients will see me today – BUT my office is freezing. And so I am doubly cold. I’m currently sporting a really cool jean jacket – over my long-sleeved sweater and long pants – and drinking a hot cup of tea – on the first day of July.

However, things are still good. I’m halfway through my online class – HA. I find this funny because I have to be DONE in about 2.5 weeks…and it’s taken me about a month to get this far. Mind you, I’ve been completely slacking. But now I have to hunker down and get with it. woot! Also, we had book club last night and we’re reading Lolita for our next book!!! I am very excited, since it was the choice of yours truly.

I wanted to read Lolita as a group since it was soooo good when I read it a couple years ago. It’s uncomfortable and beautiful and downright disturbing. It also has a lot of facets that I didn’t see the first time around…so I’m excited to talk about it as a group. I know - I'm a dork.

Aight. Only three more days of work this week!! Yippie! AND we have plans for the fourth, which is very cool! Too bad we aren't leaving town...BUT the parents are coming in, so that should be interesting...