Friday, July 25, 2008

Clothes and shoes and bags, oh my!

I have a shoe thing. I got it from my mom, who in turn got it from HER mom. My nana died with many, many shoes – unfortunately they didn’t fit my mother OR me.

Anyway…after getting married I was subjected to sharing a closet. With a boy. Yeah. Anyone who lives with a guy can tell you how traumatic that is. Not that he takes up that much space, or that our closet is small…but my particular guy NOTICES EVERYTHING. Like…I’ll buy a shirt and clip the tags and hang it up before he gets home. POOF – “ Hey Bebe, did you get a new shirt?” ARG.

My mom never has this problem. She still hides purchases in the car trunk if dad is home, and then sneaks them upstairs later…and he never notices. Well, he does when the bill comes…but still.

Anyway. It is always nice to sneak a peek into a girlfriend’s closet…just too see how I compare on the closet scale. AND that is what I did last night before I saw Avenue Q (which was freaking fantastic!!!). I peeked in my friend’s closet and was thoroughly relived. This friend really isn’t a fashionista or anything – we like to compare the items that we got in middle/high school (and still wear) – but she dresses nicely. And it looks like we are on par in the closet area. She is possibly beating me – she had been packing all day and so shoes and clothes were missing from the closet. AND she has more purses.

SO THERE M. I AM NOT NUTS…my shopping is not crazy. Maybe not necessary…but not crazy. =)


Zombie Money said...

lol funny. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

FruGal said...

Heh, seperate closets is a MUST for me and my guy, especially as I'm obsessed with keeping my shoes in their boxes so they stay all nice and lovely... And it solves the secret purchases problem! Nice blog btw :)