Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Couple Thursday Thoughts

1 – This semester, my professor is a hippie. Not that there is anything wrong with a hippie professor…I’m just not used to it! He said that during our Developmental Psychology class we would develop ourselves, watch film clips, listen to music, listen to him play his guitar, experience childhood – and we have the opportunity to be in the “Psychology Class Band” if we want. Wowsers.

2 – My little brother’s 21st birthday was this past weekend!!! Annnnnnd since he was only a week from going back to school AND none of his friends were in town…we had a party at my parent’s house. Yup. Beer pong, champing, both tequila and jello shots…it was tres interesting. We had fun – and I can’t deny that I’m excited to go out with him downtown! My mom was very anti-drinking for
most of the day – and then led off the rounds with Jose Cuervo. I heart my mom. =)

How is everyone's Thursday going?? Tomorrow is Friday!!!! YAY!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Poor Link...

...the link from my last post seems to have died. =(

However...if you post a comment saying you would like the lovely book spreadsheet, I can e-mail it to you (or upload it...or whatever)!

Let me know!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I <3 Reading (and a vampire named Edward...)

Sooooo my "Now Reading" section REALLY needs to be updated. Since The Ugly American, I've read Lolita, Twilight, New Moon, the first three chapters of Eclipse (Thanks S) and I'm now into Sophie's Choice. My coworkers also just handed me Nights in Rodanthe this morning, and I'm about 4 chapters in thanks to lunch.


Anyway...I think that tiny paragraph gives you a SMALL taste of my book obsession. I mean, I saw Batman: The Dark Knight this weekend, and although it was FAB (and completely draining I might add) I was REALLY THRILLED about the trip to Borders before the movie. =) I convinced my non-reading brother to buy The Stand (which I'm totally stealing after he's done) and my mom to buy The Secret Life of Bees (which I'm also stealing to re-read when she's done). On TOP of that, M and I bought Bless Me, Ultima (for book club) and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.

Whew x2. other book-obsessed friend sent me this link where you can download a spreadsheet of the "1001 books you should read before you die." WHY is the spreadsheet so nifty you might ask??? WELL, because you can put a little "r" next to the ones you've read, and the spreadsheet magically tells you what percentage of the 1001 books you've read. AND how many more books you have to read PER YEAR two get through all of them before you die.

Yup. Bibliophilia meets Type A. Supersweet.

Anyway, download the spreadsheet and kill time. AND tell me how many you've read! I'm at about 75. Muwhahahaa.

Whew x3! SHEESH.

Lastly - my post title mentions a certain vampire named Edward. If you have read any of the Twilight books, heard anyone TALK about the Twilight books, or even seen the Twilight trailer...then you know what I mean. What. A. Hottie. If you haven't done any of the above, please let me know and I'll fill you in to the best of my ability. Swoon!

K. I've rambled long enough...have a lovely day!!!


We're Paid Off!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Feelin' Bummed

So as I said in my last post, I went to see The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 last night. It was great...full of fun places and friendships and cute all around. But...I did cry during the movie. Like 5 times. Now I've been reeeeeeeeaaaaaaally emotional this week, so I use that excuse for the crying - but I don't really have an excuse for the general weepiness afterwards. I felt all bummed and friendless. I felt like life was stagnant. I felt that my life was unromantic.

And then I came home to M. He was really sweet...and held me until I stopped leaking tears.

And then today, I re-read the "what happened" section from a blog I'd heard of - and I realized (again) that my life is so blessed...

PLEASE don't click on the link unless you want to shed a few tears - my heart goes out to this guy and his little girl...

Just thought we could all use a bit of perspective sometimes...

See ya lata.

So Close.

As of today...we only have $270 left on the credit-card-of-doom. FANTASTIC.

Ummm my credit card bill was kinda out of control this month. I didn't realize why until I did a little breakdown: $200 for school tuition, $100 for M's bday, $150 for groceries, $250 for shopping and haircut, $100 for going out (to eat and out on weekends...)...and then a bit extra thrown in that I can't remember. However...does this stop me from buying a $14 dress at Old Navy last night? No. Does this stop me from going to a movie last night with friends? No. BUT FOR MY DEFENSE, the movie was only $5 thanks to a lovely AMC special, and my popcorn and drink was only $5 thanks to same said special. Hey, $10 for popcorn, diet coke AND The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (Oh yes, you bettah believe it - it was awesome!!!)? I'm so down.

There's always next month to be frugal...right?? Sometimes you need a tiny splurge...Anyways, I told M that all my shopping last month and this one still didn't equal ONE of his car payments. So there!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008


I updated my savings toolbars! This needed to happen for several reasons:
1. We resigned our lease. Soooo we're not looking for a house for another year. Which is cool, because we really need to save for school!
2. We are SO CLOSE to paying off our credit card debt. Which is supersweet. And awesome. And great.
3. Preparing for nursing school expenses is priority NUMERO UNO. Do you KNOW how expensive medical textbooks are? First semester Screw travel. We can take a tiny trip!!!

The End is Near

Once upon a time, a cute boy from California moved to the East Coast for job opportunities and a lovely lady named Doris. The cute boy moved in with two of his friends...and proceeded to rack up some credit card debt as cut boy was finding his way.

Later on down the road, cute boy marries type-A Doris...who is obsessed with eliminating said credit card debt because she has never had such debt, and remembers her father telling her that credit card debt is right up there with selling your soul to the devil.

LONG STORY SHORT - the credit card debt will BE GONE at the end of August.

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! M's two friends (the ones he initially moved in with when he came East) are shocked...not knowing what to DO without their protective coat of debt. But M and I are thrilled. Thanks to our stimulus checks, a check from M's parents and M's raise we will be DONE. And then we can reallllllly concentrate on saving. =)


I'm SOOO impatient. I want it to be gone NOW, so we can start saving NOW. But I shall sit on my hands...try not to check the online account 300 times a day...and wait. And breathe. And be happy.