Friday, August 15, 2008

So Close.

As of today...we only have $270 left on the credit-card-of-doom. FANTASTIC.

Ummm my credit card bill was kinda out of control this month. I didn't realize why until I did a little breakdown: $200 for school tuition, $100 for M's bday, $150 for groceries, $250 for shopping and haircut, $100 for going out (to eat and out on weekends...)...and then a bit extra thrown in that I can't remember. However...does this stop me from buying a $14 dress at Old Navy last night? No. Does this stop me from going to a movie last night with friends? No. BUT FOR MY DEFENSE, the movie was only $5 thanks to a lovely AMC special, and my popcorn and drink was only $5 thanks to same said special. Hey, $10 for popcorn, diet coke AND The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (Oh yes, you bettah believe it - it was awesome!!!)? I'm so down.

There's always next month to be frugal...right?? Sometimes you need a tiny splurge...Anyways, I told M that all my shopping last month and this one still didn't equal ONE of his car payments. So there!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!