Sunday, May 31, 2009

Holy Awesome

If you haven't been keeping up with the SNL digital shorts - SHAME on you.

A tiny taste...shanks to

PS - did anyone see the clip from New Moon on the MTV Movie Awards tonight?? I wish I had cable!!! Hopefully it will be on the interweb in the morning...


A few Sunday thoughts:
  • My liver feels like awful. WAY too much to drink this weekend at Lake Keowee. Lots of fun...but NO sleep and WAY TOO MUCH to drink.
  • I'm sunburned. =(
  • In one week at school, I have had a test, two quizzes and a skills validation - not to mention our first day with real patients. This program is INTENSE.
  • I haven't seen my aunts in forever (I have 5 on my mom's side, and three are within the state...) and I miss them. I'm emailing them this week to see if we can get together.
  • My cat is fat. And nuts.
  • OOOOOH the Tony awards are coming on next Sunday! I love the Tony awards...
  • I heart this website -

Friday, May 22, 2009

Missing the OBX

Why didn't I spell out "The Outer Banks" in my posting title? Well, that was for my dad, who didn't know what OBX meant before we went there a few weeks ago. =) I heart my daddy. Anyway, I thought I would post a picture that reminds me why I miss that part of North Carolina soooo much. (I'll post one or two more lata.)

Happy Weekend!


Ummm... don't tell my dad, but the FAFSA was reallllllly easy to fill out. This could be because I didn't have to enter any parent info - like I did when I was in college - but it seriously took only 15 minutes, max. I say don't tell my dad because I bitched and moaned back in college until he (or mom) filled it out for me - I was such a brat, and he TOTALLY called me out about it on the phone the other day. Love you dad!!!

Anyways, that is finally done. Now I all I need to do is actually pay tuition, get a community college transcript over to nursing school (for last semester's micro - which somehow I pulled out an A). And, of course, there is the studying for Tuesday's test - Happy Memorial Day to me!

Next week should be a killer - our first test on Tuesday, our vital signs skills evaluation (and first clinical ever) on Wednesday and our second quiz (complete with about 75 medical prefixes) on Thursday. No rest for the weary. Hopefully I can get some peeps to cover my shifts next weekend - so I can spend the whole weekend soaking up sun at the lake...and NOT serving food.

Oh well, I've procrastinated long enough - off to make some stellar note cards! Woot!

PS - if you don't know what the FAFSA is, believe me it's an evil governmental evaulation of what the MAN thinks you could pay for college. BOO.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Nursing Lab Funnies

Today was our first day of nursing lab - and we demonstrated/learned bed baths, making an occupied bed bedpan use and movement/restraints. Two funny moments that made the day a bit less stressful (I was 20 minutes late since I thought class started at 8:30 a.m.):

1. During the restraints/movement part, one of the students played the patient while the other attempted to move her from a sitting position on the bed to the chair next to the bed. This was the second pair in the group, so nobody was really paying attention. The "nurse" goes to help move the "patient" and the "patient" let out a HUGE groan. The entire lab went silent, and the "nurse" froze. And then we all started laughing hysterically as the "patient" said, "I was just trying to be realistic!"

2. As one of the students was talking about why she was getting into nursing, she explained that she had worked with the blind for the past five years. Listening attentively, the instructor asked, "And do you sign (as in sign language)?" The student waited an awkward moment and said, "No, because I worked with the blind..."

YAY fun moments! Tomorrow is vital signs - yikes!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Deacon and the Grossness

Deacon likes to sleep with us at night, and usually he positions himself near my face. Like, on my face. This is adorable and super cute and snuggly but NOT COOL when he gets a tummy ache. Like last night. At 4:30 a.m. When he decided to throw up - next to my FACE.

I cleaned it up by wiping it off...and then placing a towel over the gross spot and going back to sleep. Yeah. I was that tired. Don't judge!!

This morning we were greeted with another clean-up project, this one in the guest bathroom. I heard M gagging from the other room (which I didn't think anything of, since he has the weakest stomach in the entire world), so I came to see what the fuss was about. Ummm M wasn't over-exaggerating - it was NASTY. I actually gagged. Deacon had thrown up some sort of CHRISTMAS decorations. I swear. It looked exactly like those fake pine needles that come on Christmas garlands. Except we have NO Christmas garland. Sooooooo...the mystery remains.

When I came home from class, M was home for lunch - and had found another present from Deac. Blech. Oh well - he's due to go to the Vet soon enough. Woot woot.

LOST and other musings...

This post has NO spoilers about season 5 of LOST. Instead, it has a cry for help - M and I tried to "catch up" with LOST last night (ummm, the night before my first Nursing School quiz - VERY SMART Dani). I say TRY because only the last 5 episodes are online, and we have missed the last 7! Since we don't have DVR anymore, we had to make do with "LOST Untangled" on YouTube and Doc Jensen's recaps @

Well, just doing that for two took a while, and then we had to go and watch two of the episodes. At this point, it was 11:30 and I really needed to study for my quiz. M went to bed, but I stayed up...reading on about LOST (and a bit about New Moon). Oh well.

It all turned out OK, since I made a 19/20 on my quiz today (PS, someone FAILED already. Sheesh. It was a 20-question multiple choice quiz on nursing history!), but the fact still remains that I cannot control myself when it comes to LOST. I get sucked in and it won't let me go!

In other pop culture news, True Blood Season 1 comes out on DVD today!! "Soooookeeeehhhhh" - Knippy, that was for you. =)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Holy Crap, it's May?

Ummm HELLO MAY. Yeah. Where did April go? Well, it was full of studying for a whopping three tests for Microbiology, working on my "Unknown" lab project, preparing for my final and working A LOT. But yesh, May is here and it's warm and glorious and I went to the beach and I STARTED NURSING SCHOOL and my car got scraped up this morning (NOT by me). First - the beach. M and I went to The Outer Banks for a week with my parents. Yes, with them. And we slept in the room above my bolted-to-the-floor twin beds. But it was still glorious. One whole week of no e-mail, phone messages, waiting tables, Microbiology or nursing theory. It was SO glorious that when we were practicing meditation on the first day of Nursing orientation (umm, yeah.), I visualized sitting on the beach at The Outer Banks. Beautiful.

But, POOR widdle Deacon! My bestie S looked in on him twice while we were gone...but he wasn't very nice to her. By the time we got home, he was shedding uncontrollably. Liiiiiiike, I brushed him for a solid 15 minutes. Poor baby.

Anyway, nursing school! Ummmm, well it's just orientation this week, BUT I've decided that it will be fun regaling you with stories of STUPID questions and crazy expectations. Because
my first quiz is on Monday. HA. And that is the least of my worries - I am very worried about the fact that I only have two tries to take correct vitals (in a testing situation), or I fail out of Nursing 1000. Or, that an 80 is passing. That is right - 79 = fail.

No pressure!

More on that in a later post, including my favorite question of the day.

Lastly, I got down to my car this morning with my hands full of coffee, toast, purse and ginormous bag-o-books. I was greeted with a Post-it note asking me to call one of my neighbors... and I freaked out. I was sure I did something to someone to piss them off. It turns out that my neighbor scratched the crap out of my bumper when he was pulling out of his adjacent spot this morning. (see below)

Now, my car is well over 15 years old. And, it has it's fair share of scrapes ... so I feel slightly bad telling this guy he needs to pay for it. But there is quite a bit of damage! So yeah. Awesome.

Well. This is a lot for one post, so I'll stop. BUT there will be much more to come about cars and school and May funness! woot!