Thursday, May 14, 2009

Holy Crap, it's May?

Ummm HELLO MAY. Yeah. Where did April go? Well, it was full of studying for a whopping three tests for Microbiology, working on my "Unknown" lab project, preparing for my final and working A LOT. But yesh, May is here and it's warm and glorious and I went to the beach and I STARTED NURSING SCHOOL and my car got scraped up this morning (NOT by me). First - the beach. M and I went to The Outer Banks for a week with my parents. Yes, with them. And we slept in the room above my bolted-to-the-floor twin beds. But it was still glorious. One whole week of no e-mail, phone messages, waiting tables, Microbiology or nursing theory. It was SO glorious that when we were practicing meditation on the first day of Nursing orientation (umm, yeah.), I visualized sitting on the beach at The Outer Banks. Beautiful.

But, POOR widdle Deacon! My bestie S looked in on him twice while we were gone...but he wasn't very nice to her. By the time we got home, he was shedding uncontrollably. Liiiiiiike, I brushed him for a solid 15 minutes. Poor baby.

Anyway, nursing school! Ummmm, well it's just orientation this week, BUT I've decided that it will be fun regaling you with stories of STUPID questions and crazy expectations. Because
my first quiz is on Monday. HA. And that is the least of my worries - I am very worried about the fact that I only have two tries to take correct vitals (in a testing situation), or I fail out of Nursing 1000. Or, that an 80 is passing. That is right - 79 = fail.

No pressure!

More on that in a later post, including my favorite question of the day.

Lastly, I got down to my car this morning with my hands full of coffee, toast, purse and ginormous bag-o-books. I was greeted with a Post-it note asking me to call one of my neighbors... and I freaked out. I was sure I did something to someone to piss them off. It turns out that my neighbor scratched the crap out of my bumper when he was pulling out of his adjacent spot this morning. (see below)

Now, my car is well over 15 years old. And, it has it's fair share of scrapes ... so I feel slightly bad telling this guy he needs to pay for it. But there is quite a bit of damage! So yeah. Awesome.

Well. This is a lot for one post, so I'll stop. BUT there will be much more to come about cars and school and May funness! woot!

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QL girl said...

Well, that was nice of them. My BF found his car one morning with a nice (huge) dent on the driver's side door. No one left a note, and he still has no idea who did it. Nice, right?

Good luck with school!