Friday, May 22, 2009


Ummm... don't tell my dad, but the FAFSA was reallllllly easy to fill out. This could be because I didn't have to enter any parent info - like I did when I was in college - but it seriously took only 15 minutes, max. I say don't tell my dad because I bitched and moaned back in college until he (or mom) filled it out for me - I was such a brat, and he TOTALLY called me out about it on the phone the other day. Love you dad!!!

Anyways, that is finally done. Now I all I need to do is actually pay tuition, get a community college transcript over to nursing school (for last semester's micro - which somehow I pulled out an A). And, of course, there is the studying for Tuesday's test - Happy Memorial Day to me!

Next week should be a killer - our first test on Tuesday, our vital signs skills evaluation (and first clinical ever) on Wednesday and our second quiz (complete with about 75 medical prefixes) on Thursday. No rest for the weary. Hopefully I can get some peeps to cover my shifts next weekend - so I can spend the whole weekend soaking up sun at the lake...and NOT serving food.

Oh well, I've procrastinated long enough - off to make some stellar note cards! Woot!

PS - if you don't know what the FAFSA is, believe me it's an evil governmental evaulation of what the MAN thinks you could pay for college. BOO.

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steph b. said...

Wait, really, the FAFSA was easy for you? That's so exciting! This fall I'm going to have to fill mine out for next year, and my dad always whined about it too. I hope mine takes 15 minutes!