Monday, May 18, 2009

LOST and other musings...

This post has NO spoilers about season 5 of LOST. Instead, it has a cry for help - M and I tried to "catch up" with LOST last night (ummm, the night before my first Nursing School quiz - VERY SMART Dani). I say TRY because only the last 5 episodes are online, and we have missed the last 7! Since we don't have DVR anymore, we had to make do with "LOST Untangled" on YouTube and Doc Jensen's recaps @

Well, just doing that for two took a while, and then we had to go and watch two of the episodes. At this point, it was 11:30 and I really needed to study for my quiz. M went to bed, but I stayed up...reading on about LOST (and a bit about New Moon). Oh well.

It all turned out OK, since I made a 19/20 on my quiz today (PS, someone FAILED already. Sheesh. It was a 20-question multiple choice quiz on nursing history!), but the fact still remains that I cannot control myself when it comes to LOST. I get sucked in and it won't let me go!

In other pop culture news, True Blood Season 1 comes out on DVD today!! "Soooookeeeehhhhh" - Knippy, that was for you. =)

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