Sunday, May 31, 2009


A few Sunday thoughts:
  • My liver feels like awful. WAY too much to drink this weekend at Lake Keowee. Lots of fun...but NO sleep and WAY TOO MUCH to drink.
  • I'm sunburned. =(
  • In one week at school, I have had a test, two quizzes and a skills validation - not to mention our first day with real patients. This program is INTENSE.
  • I haven't seen my aunts in forever (I have 5 on my mom's side, and three are within the state...) and I miss them. I'm emailing them this week to see if we can get together.
  • My cat is fat. And nuts.
  • OOOOOH the Tony awards are coming on next Sunday! I love the Tony awards...
  • I heart this website -

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Britt said...

good luck with the patients!!