Friday, September 10, 2010

Well I WAS on a Roll...

And then I got distracted. It happens.

I HAVE been doing a lot of stuff around the house - but in the last month school started back and the weather started to get nice and Labor Day happened and I started my new schedule at work and yesh. So I've been doing stuff, just not blogging about it - which is actually what most of the world does. Hmmm.

Sooooo here are some random what-I've-been-doing-for-the-last-month pictures. More soon. Promise. =)

My Homemade Jewlery Organizer, a la Centsational Girl:

FINALLY a place to put out back door and shed keys...
FINALLY a curtain in the full bath (now I just need to add a blue ribbon border...)
I spray painted the then-black shelves a crisp white! AND we got a great rug at Ikea for $20! (the gray one under the kitchen table)
We FINALLY put all the closet doors back on (after repainting and spraying the handles oil-rubbed bronze), except mine - I requested flowy curtains since I can walk into my closet. ALSO see the Dwell Studio rug in the hall? Target. Clearance. $40. What what!
I modge-podged a curtain scrap onto the light switch, after I repainted the dining room (after caulking ALL of the wood paneling)...

I FINALLY finished my book page wreath - a la Living With Lindsay- and hung it in the family room.
I STARTED painting the brick out in the sunroom - eventually this will be my reading room!
Even M got in on the craft action - he made an Arsenal decal for his car!
Whew. I TOLD you I was busy...