Sunday, March 29, 2009


It's amazing - I can do SO MANY non-school things when I have a test coming around the corner. Things like swapping our mattress with the guest room one, or watching the last episode EVER of Battlestar Galactica (BTW, I thought they did a pretty good job at wrapping up the series), and watching our widdle keety sweep on da flwoor.

If only I could be this productive at Microbiology...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today's Post is Brought to You By...

...the letter C!

As in Cattle Prod!

As in, a restaurant is NOT the place to catch up with your two best friends that you haven't seen in 20 years! OR the place to do your travel research, iMac and books on Canada in hand! OR the place to hold a presentation on God-knows-what ... Conferences should be held in CONFERENCE rooms. I want said Cattle Prod for the special times that "crop dusting*" won't work. A not-so-subtle gesture to GET OUT OF MY SECTION when the table has been there ignoring their unpaid bill for longer than an hour. Sigh.

Ya know, I know I wait tables. And I am at the whims of all these random people. BUT, I just ask that if you are going to use my table for RANDOM crap that is NOT eating ...please at LEAST tip 20%.

Were these people raised in a barn? Sheesh.

*crop means walking by a table and...ummm...passing gas. Not that I've EVER done that.

Saving Like a Crazy Person

Soooo, I've become a bit obsessed with saving money. This whole earning money while I'm still receiving severance from my old job is SUPER SWEET for the bank account - and for the widdle saving's ego I have inside. However, I know THAT ride is about to end - and I've been shoving everything I can into our "high-interest" savings account (HA).

In fact, I've been such a penny-pincher that this month's credit card bill looks like it'll be about $50. Yup. $50 for the whole month - including GAS. Yippie!!! However, this lack of spending has caused moi to feel very down in the dumps. I'm used to going out and at least LOOKING at pretty things, and until last weekend I hadn't gone shopping (even the window kind) in a long while. For someone who grew up travelling to the mall, with mom-in-tow, at least three times a week - this was nutty.

It was my mom who helped me realize it was nutty. We were in Sephora and gazing lovingly at Urban Decay eyeliners. I helped her pick out one and she told me to get one. I deferred, telling her I didn't need one. Her response? "It's $16 Dani!! Seriously. Buy the eyeliner."

And it's true. It only WAS $16. And that $16 is not going to break us. But it will make me feel less like a reclusive I bought it. I also made a hair appointment for this weekend - HIGHLIGHTS. I am beyond excited. This is my reward for getting into nursing school. WHAT UP.

Anyway. Back to saving. Do any of you feel like a I-don't-get-to-do-anything-fun loser because you're trying to save money??

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Black Credit Cards

Once, when I was waiting tables in college, someone paid for their meal with a Black American Express card. I wasn't exactly sure what this magical card did - but I knew it was le special...and expensive to even own, so I showed it to all the other servers before I gave it back to the patron.

Later on when I met M, he umm...had actually superimposed his name ONTO a picture of a Black American Express card. And it was framed. I don't KNOW people - he lived with BOYS - they had GOLF pictures on the walls. Sigh. Well, I married him anyway but that isn't the point.

The point is - what IS it about those black cards? Frugal Bachelor has a whole post about the new Visa Black card...which still seems silly. People even freak out when I pull out my Citi Card - my rewards card is black with a diamond pattern on it. People are slightly awed by it, but it's just a regular card! No annual fee...whatevs peeps! (PS - paying an annual fee for a credit card seems ABSURD to me (are you listening, M?) - what do you all think?

Do other people get all hot and bothered by credit cards? I get that it's a status symbol...but aren't we all poor twenty-somethings? Can't we strive for someting else? Like paid-off school loans, or enough money for a down payment?


Friday, March 13, 2009

Case of the ... Fridays?

I think a case of the Fridays happens when you're hung over from drinking on a Thursday night. To try and ward them odd, I'm going to try and list some things that I am THANKFUL for right now, because I am more pissed off this morning than hung over. Meh.

  • I am thankful my cat is adorable, and likes to sleep on my head (I just wish he'd SHUT UP in the morning when he ALREADY HAS FOOD. SHEESH CAT SHUTTUP.)
  • I am thankful I have a computer, even though I am currently stealing my internet from someone in the building since I have NO CLUE what happened to our wireless.
  • I am thankful I have legs, and that M has legs, for a few reasons really - so that M has pants (even though they need to be hemmed) and so that I can run after his car this morning (in my robe, like a crazy) with the aforementioned pants in my hands.
  • I'm thankful my mom came down and stayed with us the other day - and cleaned our place from head to toe - even though she unplugged the coffee maker and we have to reset it...with it's wonky-won't-work button.
  • I am thankful I have a job in these nutty-ass times - even though that job makes me work when ALL of my friends are NOT working, and so I have to make friends with the peeps that WORK at the restaurant...who aren't bad people, they just have different kinds of LIVES...and get excited about SERVING FOOD (management) or act like dicks (certain managers...and servers...)
  • Lastly, I am thankful I have time to volunteer. I can learn about the hospital and patient care in a small way... but let's just be honest. I'm tired and it's 8:30 a.m. on a Friday and I DON'T WANT TO GO.
Sigh. Sorry for being a whiny bee-yotch. But, sometimes you just gotta throw it all out there, even if it's ugly and awful and inconsiderate and mean and ungrateful.

Because hey, we all get a case of the Fridays every once in a while - right?

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Bit Grumbly

Sooo I got an e-mail from my Micro. professor with my most recent test grade included - 79. Yes, this is better than the last test (77) - but not as stellar as I had hoped...or expected. I'll be the first to admit that I didn't study as much as I should have, but when I was walking out of there I really thought that I had made at least a B-. So, I've e-mailed her so i can see my test and maybe have a chitchat with her about how to study for her frakkin' tests (sorry, just watched TWO episodes of Battlestar Galactica on

So, I'm a bit grumbly. And, sort of worried - this is my first difficult class since I started my pre/co-reqs...and I'm not doing that well. Does that mean I'm not going to do well in Nursing School either? Sigh.

On a happier note, our school savings continues to increase, thanks to my deposited tips. However, I always feel awkward walking into the bank and depositing hundreds of dollars in cash. It seems skeezy!

That's all for now peeps.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I could talk about how crazy Friday and Saturday nights were at the restaurant. Or, about how the economy is STILL shitty. OR, how cute my cat is. ORR, how awesome Slumdog Millionaire was (M and I saw it today on our "Date Day") - and believe me, it was FREAKING FANTASTIC!

But instead, I'll just say how it's SNOWING!