Thursday, March 26, 2009

Saving Like a Crazy Person

Soooo, I've become a bit obsessed with saving money. This whole earning money while I'm still receiving severance from my old job is SUPER SWEET for the bank account - and for the widdle saving's ego I have inside. However, I know THAT ride is about to end - and I've been shoving everything I can into our "high-interest" savings account (HA).

In fact, I've been such a penny-pincher that this month's credit card bill looks like it'll be about $50. Yup. $50 for the whole month - including GAS. Yippie!!! However, this lack of spending has caused moi to feel very down in the dumps. I'm used to going out and at least LOOKING at pretty things, and until last weekend I hadn't gone shopping (even the window kind) in a long while. For someone who grew up travelling to the mall, with mom-in-tow, at least three times a week - this was nutty.

It was my mom who helped me realize it was nutty. We were in Sephora and gazing lovingly at Urban Decay eyeliners. I helped her pick out one and she told me to get one. I deferred, telling her I didn't need one. Her response? "It's $16 Dani!! Seriously. Buy the eyeliner."

And it's true. It only WAS $16. And that $16 is not going to break us. But it will make me feel less like a reclusive I bought it. I also made a hair appointment for this weekend - HIGHLIGHTS. I am beyond excited. This is my reward for getting into nursing school. WHAT UP.

Anyway. Back to saving. Do any of you feel like a I-don't-get-to-do-anything-fun loser because you're trying to save money??

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