Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Twiddling my Thumbs

So. It’s Wednesday and I have about an hour and a half of work to do today. I know that seems like a lot to you peeps that get paid salary no questions asked – as it IS summer and it HAS been raining a lot and we DID just come back from a HOLIDAY WEEKEND – but for us peeps that have to bill our hours…BY THE QUARTER HOUR…its kinda torture.

Torture, because I can only browse the Web for so long without my eyes sticking to the tops of their sockets. Torture because I have to sit here with nothing to do while my anatomy chapter on body fluids and electrolyte balance is WAITING for me at home. Torture because I have had my space heater on for TWO hours now and my office is JUST getting warm-ish.

Sigh. This morning my coworker and I were making hot tea (I told you, I’m freezing – and slightly an anglophile), and she told me about her friend who was just laid off. With a two year old…and baby twins. So yes. I know it could be much worse…I am VERY grateful for my job…I just wish I had more to DO here.

LUCKILY I have a four-day week next week. NOT so I can laze at the pool, or even finish school work (my online class ends MONDAY thank God)…it’s so I can have my four impacted wisdom teeth CUT out of my mouth. I am not very happy about this…but it needs to happen. At least I get to spend a weekend drugged and slurping milkshakes on my parents’ couch – right?

Anyways. I am going to scrounge up some work to do…I have to put something on my timesheets, right? Ugh.

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