Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I feel Stuffed and Twitchy

Stuffed and twitchy? Yes.

It started with the fact that I have been running around on half-empty all day, NAY, week - school, work, money...blech. So today I felt dead. And exhausted. Dead AND exhausted, and I really wanted a cookie. Not just ANY cookie mind you, but the yummy cookie confection that they offer at my current place of work. It's DELIGHTFUL - pretty much a cookie in a skillet with ice cream and caramel sauce.

So, I bought a tube of cookie dough. And after I got home from lab tonight, I made a giant cookie, topped it with ice cream and sat down in front of all my fashion blogs. Joy! So there. That is why I am stuffed - I gorged myself on chocolate chip goodness.

Now for twitchy. I was reading fashion-y blogs, right? And it's New York fashion week, right? So LOTS on clothes and designers and models and hair and makeup. So I'm reading along and they are talking about smoky eyes - no biggie...I've been doing this as long as I could pick up an eyeliner. Line the bottom inner rim of your eye...check. BUT WHAT IS THIS ABOUT LINING THE INNER UPPER RIM OF YOUR EYE?? I didn't know such a thing was POSSIBLE.

So I tried it. And now my left eye is all twitchy, after watering for a good 45 seconds. But I like the result - darker that usual...a closer line. Me gusta.

Now I just need the twitching to stop.

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