Monday, February 23, 2009

Post-Oscar Ramblings

- I really really really want to see Slumdog Millionaire
- Jessica Biel needs to fire her hairstylist/stylist. She looked AWFUL - sorry M (he LURVES her)
- I wish I had a personal stylist...and somewhere to wear pretty clothes/makeup (I dressed up to got brunch with my mom and aunts on Sunday - first time I've worn my "pretty" clothes since the layoff...)
- I also wish it was summer and I could get a tan and highlights (at least fake ones...) - I think I am all about the warm weather because it is FREEZING HERE TODAY. Sheesh.
- Reece Witherspoon is usually my fave - but that blue eyeshadow has GOT to go.
- Umm hi Robert Pattinson. Please come to my house and speak to me in your British accent while you glower at me under those eyebrows. Yum. I need to reread the Twilight books...
- Dear Hugh Jackman, I love you. Are you sure you aren't gay? Because you do the musical thing REALLY WELL...and you're hot. Like with two t's hott.
- WHY were Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgensface at the Oscars? I know they sang and danced...but was that reaaaaaaallly necessary? Also...ummm Beyonce, were you lip syncing? Or was that supermusicalmegamix just that oddly put together? (Sorry Baz)

Mmmmk. What did you all think of the Oscars??


QL girl said...

I was thinking the exact same thing with Jessica Biel and Reese Witherspoon. They're usually knockouts at these events!

Meh, Robert Pattinson doesn't do it for me...he actually reminded me of Zoolander for a bit, lol.

Ugh, I LOVE Hugh Jackman. I always knew he was a theatre guy, but I didn't know he sang!! And boy does he sing! Only he can pull that off and not leave me doubting his manhood! (Well, I have a thing for Ewan McGregor too...) And who knew Anne Hathaway sang too?!!

Zac and Vanessa did not belong there in my opinion. Well, Zac has a little more credibility in my eyes (since he did Hairspray as well), but Vanessa should stay on the Disney channel. (Yeah, sorry...that was a bit catty...)

I'm so over Beyonce! She was definitely lip synching!! Which made me sad, because then I was wondering...was Hugh Jackman lip synching too? =[

All in all, I really enjoyed the show. And the fashion...[swoon] I wish I had a reason to be all fancy and glamorous too!

Anonymous said...

I don't watch the oscars but do like to see the fashion - if that is what you'd call it this year. I saw Sarah Jessica Parker - what a mess - she looks OLD, her hair was awful and her dress was terrible.