Thursday, February 19, 2009

Frugal and Fabulous?

If you have been hiding under a rock (or you didn't read my last post), you may not know that it's New York Fashion Week. Now, I ALWAYS love clothes and shoes and makeup, but when EVERYONE online is continually talking about all of the above, I get a little obsessed. So, to appease my wandering eye, I went to Forever 21's online store. Sigh. Now those of you out there that won't step into a Forever 21 - SHAME on YOU. It's a recession people, and Forever 21 may not have the best quality items...but how many times were you really going to wear that skanky little Saturday night number? Hmmm? That is what I thought.

So I was once again soothed by prices under $20...and I promptly reminded myself to set aside a $20 bill next shift - a gift to moi for not completely losing my shit over all these frakkin' changes that have gone down. So there - I will reward my saneness with frugal fashion. PS - how funny is the word "recessionista?" I LOVE it...and peeps are throwing it around like there is no tomorrow.

On another note - how sad is it that Disney is going to be laying people off??? I actually have a friend who is currently living her dream by performing at Disney World as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I think it's hilarious - but I hope she gets to keep her dream job!!

Lastly - ummm does ANYONE in government pay their taxes?? Those kinds of stories suck the patriotism right out of me. It's bad enough that M and I have a taxes date on Sunday night...but that article just makes me all sorts of mad.

Oh well - I'm off to volunteer! Anyone having a fab Thursday?? Has anyone else fallen in love with Forever 21??

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