Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Brunch

Let me start off by saying that I really really really REALLY need to study. My test is on Wednesday and it's supposed to be the hardest one of the semester and I don't really care and I haven't really started studying. Sigh.

Mmmmk with THAT out of the way - Easter Brunch. It was horrific. We opened an hour early this morning, so I had to be there at 9 am...after I closed last night and got home at 12:30. Meh. I wasn't a happy camper this morning! SO much that I'm considering skipping class tomorrow. It's covering material that won't be on Wednesday's test...and I would LOVE to not get up at 6:45.

Anyway. I had a larger-than-normal section on a busier-than-normal day. I had a 10-seater table that turned three times, and three four-person booths. That is a lot of coffee and donuts. Talking about coffee...I spilled a full HOT cup on guy today. In front of his girlfriend. And his whole family. I wanted to die. I wanted to cry and die and scream and cry. He was fine...I even offered him ice and he was all "I promise I'm not burned." I didn't believe him. It was amazingly awful. At more than one point I just wanted to leave because I was soooooooo busy.

However, I did make more than $200. But I still need a vacation. Thankfully I have something way fun planned for Friday...if the weather cooperates.

K. Now I just need to get M to turn OFF THE SOCCER HIGHLIGHTS so I can study about respiratory diseases and medications. BLECH. I can't WAIT to get this over with and move onto pediatrics and maternity!!!


Britt said...

Good luck on your test! I definitely feel ya on the coffee spilling. Been there, done that!

kimlou said...

Please tell my you at least wiped him clean. Over and over again. lol

Tests are dumb. But I do wish you the greatest achievement in kicking it's ass on Wednesday!