Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Brief Glimpse of Spring

It is January 19th and there are birds chirping outside my window - quite loudly, actually. My windows are open and my fingers are only a wee bit cold (they are ALWAYS cold...unless it's mid-July, and then they swell). Sigh. This is why I love living in the South. Please feel free to remind me of that when it's July and 98 degrees with 90% humidity. Anyways. It's been about two weeks since I last blogged, and I think it's because we have done so much CRAP around here, and school started back and we had to take Christmas stuff down - YOU know. The reasons why January always flies by and then you're freaked out because Valentines Day candy is at the grocery store.

Oh well. I intend to make it up to you with lots of PICTURES. They are RANDOM, but so am I. So deal with it. K. First up - our bathroom ceiling is chipping. And not just a few widdle chips here or there. It's chipping EVERYWHERE AND I WANT TO SCREAM. It's actually chipped SO much in one place (Yes, I know I could make this a bit better by not taking scalding showers, but then what would the point of the shower be??? Hmmm?) that the giant chip is about to fall off. I took a picture for posterity.

Mom says not to worry, that the idiots who previously owned our home just painted without priming and probably painted with regular old paint (instead of that brand new stuff that is made for bathrooms), so it'll be fine. But it is still annoying. Actually, the whole bathroom is REALLY frustrating. Young House Love just renovated their bathroom (which, once again, is creepily similar to ours) and it's GORGEOUS - see here. Can they come do that here? They did all that for under two grand. Sheesh.

On another note - I want
this buffet from Overstock.com. It's so preeeeeetty. It would be lovely in my dining room.

OOOH and I bought TWO pairs of shoes for under $50 at Off Broadway shoes - thanks to a birthday gift certificate from my in-laws. Thanks M & E!! Take a look at one of the pairs... S says that this picture looks like the cover of a romance novel. I agree.

Hmm. Things have been going on that
don't have pictures: M is insulating under ALL the hardwood floors (God bless him), M insulated the pull down door to the attic and the front door (you could actually see light under the threshold before he started - and it was 15 degrees outside), I have read 5 books already this year, and I almost set the kitchen on fire last weekend. Yep. I was going to make tea, and turned on the wrong burner. The burner I DID turn on had a towel on it. Yup. Thankfully no lasting damage was done to the house or the stove. Sigh. So Yesh. More to come about school and stuff, but my fingers are starting to get chilled. =)


ann's daughter said...

I missed your voice! And want to hear more about the books if possible, please :)

Angelique said...

Please shop my store and give me props. K? Thanks. The ceiling will be A-OK. Momma JoAnn knows whats up ;) ps i want those cookies ... NOW ... Thanks again. The buffet is fab. Miss ya faice =D

Britt said...

LOVE the buffet. And the shoes. Hawt!