Saturday, July 25, 2009

Working Girl

I realize that I work in the service industry, and we are there to serve people - no matter if they are rude, cheap or unappreciative they may be. However, sometimes it's VERY difficult to be nice to your next table when the last one has SCREWED you on the tip. Sigh.

Example: Last night my first table tipped me 15%, then the second table tipped 10%. Next, a nice family of four was sat in my section. Two women got the special, the father had fried shrimp and the overweight son had a blue cheese burger and creamed spinach...and then proceeded to put the creamed spinach on the burger, along with the mayo and mustard he had wanted. (This post is NOT about the gross eating quirks that some people display, but I could write an entire BOOK about that...) They seemed ... grumpy. They just weren't animated at all. And that is fine. What is NOT fine is the fact that they paid with a $100-dollar bill (asked for change since the bill was only $67), and the proceeded to leave me $3 in cash on the table.

THREE DOLLARS. That is less than a 5% tip!!!

I'm not going to get into the politics of race at restaurants. It's nasty and mean and horrible. I'm just going to say that everyone should at LEAST tip 15%. Servers make VERY little money per hour, and tips are our livelihood. I actually don't make enough of a paycheck to have FEDERAL TAXES taken out. Literally I'll get an $8 check for two weeks worth of work - the taxes and medicare and social security are too high to have any money left over.

So please, tip your server.

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