Monday, July 27, 2009

Quick Spazz Attack

This week is promising to be absolutely horrific - so I'll take JUST a sec to spell out the awfulness:

Monday - class, patient info at hospital, patient paperwork, do notecards on Fluid and Electrolytes
Tuesday - clinical all day, practice health assessment, review all skills learned during the semester, study all notecards
Wednesday - Skills validation on ALL skills learned this semester, study notecards, do review questions for test
Thursday - TEST FIVE, get details on final
Friday - begin weekend-long study session for final, work (HOPEFULLY NOT...I'm trying to get this covered...)
Saturday & Sunday - Study!!!!
Monday - FINAL

Sigh. Say a little prayer for me!!! Love you all...

1 comment:

Britt said...

Yuck! Good luck!!