Monday, July 20, 2009

Face-Blogging on the Twitter-Scape

(Or, How all of my friends keep in touch)

I am wired due to the fact I have clinical tomorrow, and so I posted "
ummmmm too excited/freaked to sleep AGAIN. One day clinical won't keep me up all night... right?? Anyone???" on Facebook. Three seconds
later my NEWLY BOARD-CERTIFIED AND WORKING NURSE friend, N g-chatted me and we had the following convo:

N: why are you so excited??
me: just worked up i guess - tomorrow i have a 85 y/o who admitted with a DVT. he has Alzheimer's and Parkinson's,and really there is nothing i can do for him!
so I'm like hmmmmm what-will-i-do-all-day-tomorrow worked up
N: gotcha.what kind of floor are you on? med-surg?
me: yup -its usually renal/diabetic,but of course i have the non-renal, non-diabetic patient. he is on like 17 meds ...but really, there is nothing extra-wrong with him, ya know?
N: right.thats your typical med-surg. at least you get to learn a bunch of meds!
me: yup yup! hahaha - our paperwork isn't due until Monday, due to the fact i get a FIVE day weekend, so I kind of half-assed my paperwork for tomorrow. I didn't write up my patho-phys and left off my multivitamin drug card. I'm walking on the edge i tell ya.
Nikki: haha sounds like it!

Yes. Nursing school has reduced me to thinking that not doing all my homework and leaving off a MULTIVITAMIN drug card is walking on the edge. Sigh.

Please excuse me while I reminisce about the girl I once was... OK, who am I kidding? I have ALWAYS been a dork who plays by the rules. Not doing all my homework IS walking on the wild side. N, M, and S can all tell you. =)

K. Wellllll I guess I'll review how to do sub-cutaneous injections! Sweet! NEEDLES!


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