Thursday, June 4, 2009

Twilight and the Crazies

Ummmmm hi. Now, I love Twilight. Like, a lot. Like, I hadn't crushed that hard on anyone since 8th grade - especially never a literary character (I mean, I love you Mr. Darcy...but you were kind of a prick through most of Pride and Prejudice...even though Colin Firth made you immortal with that swimming-through-the-lake-at-Pemberly scene. But, I digress).

However. I realize that vampires aren't real, and that the Twilight series isn't real. And that I have an AWESOME husband in M and even though he isn't immortal and super strong and super OBSESSED with me... he is umm real.

That brings us to the CRAZY lady that has gone off her rocker. My friend K sent me this link and I had to share -,,1-12-68_22747,00.html

And thirdly, no prince could love me so intensely like a vampire. Reading Breaking Dawn, I was hopelessly out of breath when Edward and Bella made love at intervals during the book. But it wasn't Bella that I saw in my head, it was me. It was me that gave birth to his perfect daughter and it was me that turned into a raging beauty after feeling his venom burn through my veins."

"I have often in my dreams seen myself single, without children, packing my backpack on a quest to find Forks ... In my dreams I feel the passion of our first kiss and the disappointment as he pulls away, afraid he will hurt me.

In my dreams I wake up on Isle Esme wrapped in feathers and bruised from our first night of love making. In my dreams I feel and see him for the first time truly as a vampire and I feel his body burning mine as we fall down on the floor of our new cottage. In my dreams I have never been loved so much, nor have I loved so much."



Lady, I was raised on Disney princesses too - and I do admit that it shaped me in more ways than one...but I think you need a therapist.

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