Thursday, June 11, 2009

House Hunting (Or, Being a Bad Friend)

SO, I've decided that a surefire way to make your relationship miserable is to house-hunt together. It's also a great way to distance yourself from all your friends. Maybe that's just me though. With school and trying to find a place within the next 30 days...ummm yeah. I'm not that stressed per say, I just feel worn out all the time. I'm sleeping a lot and I always feel tired. I just don't want to DO anything. I'd rather sit in front of the computer and look on And today looking at houses just wore me OUT - I came home and passed out for a bit on the bed before waking up to the sound of CRAZY-ASS wind. We had to pull our plants off the deck again, but not before the palm/corn plant fell over. =(


Anyways, we are looking for a widdle home for us and the Deac. And it's eye-opening to see how other people live/decorate. FASCINATING. People are weird. With weird things in their homes. And CATS. I think three of the houses we looked at had cats. One was sitting all slouched-like in the master bedroom... with a "Helllllllll No" expression on his face...

No worries cat. We didn't like that house anyway - too small!!!

Anyway, back to my SYTYCD countdown - just 45 more minutes!

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