Monday, June 29, 2009

Houses Part DOS

First of all - something completely unrelated, yet hilarious.

A helpful chart for sorting through the GOP sex scandals.

Now that we've had our laugh for the day, lets move along to houses. And big, fat, scary inspections. And Asian grad students who REALLY GET ON MY NERVES WHEN THEY LECTURE ABOUT SHIT WE DON'T NEED TO KNOW BECAUSE WE AREN'T IN MED SCHOOL OR EVEN IN AN UPPER LEVEL NURSING COURSE. THIS IS F-ING FUNDAMENTALS LADY.

Pant pant pant.

K. So... now we'll talk about the house.

The house that is about 50 years old...and the house that widdle Dani is TERRIFIED won't pass inspection... or will have something horribly wrong with it that the MORONIC sellers won't fix.


We'll see how it goes (it being on Thursday).

On another note, my MOMMY is coming to stay tomorrow night, which is fantastic. She only lives about 90 minutes away...but I don't see her enough. And I Lav her. A lot.

AND my college roommate is supposed to be in town this weekend! WHICH IS AWESOME AS WELL.


I'm awesome-d out now. On to reading about Pain Management.


1 comment:

Ron and Kelly said...

Inspections ate so fun! I think we five total inspections and an empty wallet by the time we got everything taken care of. I feel your stress. Sorry about the Asian. I'm sure she is the minority of the race ;)

good luck with the rest if the house process. Enjoying the blog.