Thursday, June 18, 2009


Shout out to Ann’s Daughter for reminding me that I heart’s awesome, awesome, f-ing crazy comics. Here is an example - - I LOVE ZOMBIES.

Also, how CUTE is Dooce’s new baby girl? I cannot WAIT until her post on labor and delivery…I’m sure that will be a hoot.

On another note…our team name at trivia the other night was “Today I used lube on a Tootsie Roll,” because, well…earlier that day I had used lube on a Tootsie Roll. For CLASS PEOPLE FOR CLASS. I had to insert it into a fake anus. As a pretend suppository. Yep. Just linger on that image for a while.

Ummm Last random note – is awesome…for wasting time and getting free crap. They send me emails about random products and in return for “reading” them, I get points. These points translate to gift cards (supposedly). I’ll let you know next week if I actually get the gift card I ordered… I love the internet for wasting time!!

Hmmm…k. Off to bed, where I can express my randomness through dreams.

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ann's daughter said...

yay, I heart shout-outs! Also, I had forgotten about Dooce - I can never decide if I like her. I think it's because she doesn't smile often in her photos... I discriminate on smile.

Next time I'm in Charlotte, perhaps you'll have a house!!! Exciting/scary, like so many things are when one is a quarter century-ish.