Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Grumpy Tuesday

D is a very grumpy girl. I just did my type-A subtract-all-the-bills-from-the-current-amount-residing-in-the-checking-account thing…and came up with a NEGATIVE number!!! HOW did this happen? (I should say, how will this happen…since I am looking into the future.) Sigh. I know how it happened…both M and I were over our allotted amount on credit cards this month (and I didn’t bring my lunch today – BOO!).

On top of that, we have our new monthly car insurance bill, plus I threw $200 at our outstanding credit card bill, plus the quarterly bill we get from our Alma Mater came. This doesn’t include the tuition for the class I just registered for (Yay! At least I got my online Anatomy class!!)


Yes, I know – we have an emergency fund for these items. Actually, the car insurance would have come out of that fund anyway…if we were on the 6-month plan. So. I transferred some cash over from the emergency account, and I’ll try to bunker down and chill out for another 2 weeks. But it’s just so hard. I try and keep myself from wishing away the days, but I’m really so bored at work that I can’t help it. I have a test tonight and a test Thursday…I really just want it to be next Friday so M will get his second paycheck!

I like putting money in our happy accounts – not throwing it down the drain to various credit/loan institutions. We have about $1,000 per month going to loans and credit stuff every month – and when you break it down like that I get kinda nauseous. That number doesn’t include our monthly credit card bills either! That is just car loan + school loans + paying off big credit card. Booooo. I can’t WAIT until we have paid off that credit card – it’ll free up some cash!! Then we can start chipping away at one of M’s school loans that has ridiculously high interest.

Anyway. I better go find something to do – I do have that annual review coming up…Anyone else having a downtrodden Tuesday?


QL girl said...

Not to rub it in, but I'm having a fairly good Tuesday. I did have a horrid Monday though (and weekend). I was stressing out due to work-related stress and deadlines and a meeting we were having. So the whole weekend sucked. We got the news that our deadline was extended one week though! So today is much better.

I'm sorry about your Tuesday though. Stuff happens, you just have to be prepared for it (it sounds like you are though!)

SavingDiva said...

Yesterday was a bad day for me...my spending for April was out of control...and I had to look at how bad it was...UGH!

Anonymous said...

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