Monday, April 21, 2008

Silver Lining

So. I was freaking out about two hours ago - about my car, about the insurance, about a ridiculously high credit card bill that just showed up. But...I talked to a reputable Honda guy, who says he can fix the car for $450 (after I drive home to see him). Insurance is obnoxious...but I think we'll survive this. I just need to yell at some people to fix everything. As for the credit card bill - M put his real estate classes on there (and work is supposed to be paying him back), which were more than $600.

So. We WILL be fine. I just need to breathe.

And, some great things have recently happened that I need to be grateful for:
- Our State and Federal returns are already in our checking account
- Our kitty got a clean bill of health at the Vet on Saturday
- I bought a shirt on sale for $19.95 (down from $88!!!) on Saturday
- We finally opened our online savings account
- I saw my mom, dad and brother on Sunday
- my annual review is in one month! (Hopefully this means a RAISE)
- I'm (hopefully) seeing a couple AMAZING college friends this weekend

That last one is a a bit iffy at this point. I was all about the trip to Charleston, SC - until my car decided to poop out on me. Now I'm thinking of taking it up to my parent's house so it can go in the shop.

I don't know... Anyway. The point it - I'm fine. M is fine. Kitty is fine. I just need to breathe, and it'll work out.

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Britt said...

Glad you can get the car fixed for so much cheaper! Breathing helps! :) yay for silver linings.