Monday, April 28, 2008

Registration Day

I really lucked out in college – I had pretty good registration times for all four years, owing to a variety of factors: luck, my mom’s friend in the registrar’s office, being an English major…but mostly a combination of luck and wriggling my way into classes thanks to mom’s connections (she is the administrative assistant for one of the school’s academic departments).

However, tomorrow will be the second time I’ll register for classes out of my college bubble. The community college where I’ve been taking my class just switched over to stepped (?) registration – the more classes you have under your belt, the earlier you get to register. Good for students that are close to finishing a degree and need only a few classes, bad for the part-time student who is just trying to get some pre-requisites out of the way!

Anyway, I really hope I get into an online class…there is a night option, but it meets four days a week, for five-and-a-half hours PER DAY. Yeah. I really like to read and do stuff outside of class. So I think that’s a no. I checked the space in the online class this morning, and it looked promising – but I’m scared to look now! I’m getting up really early tomorrow so I can register at 7:30 a.m. – let’s just hope my professor wrote that letter to the department saying that I was passing! We shall see. I hate leaving things in other people’s hands (type-A, remember?).

Anyway, I’ve gotta run but I’ll do a quick weekend recap – drove to Charleston with A and E, met up with college Roomie and had an AMAZING time. Danced, ate, saw hot boys in flight suits (M already knows allllll about our tiny obsession), saw really hot planes (I heart flames)…and did a lot of shopping with no results. (Which was good for my wallet and bad for morale)

Anyway, I’m home and it’s raining and I’m a little bored. I can’t wait to get home, hunker down with my note cards and get crackin’ on those books!

I'll figure out my summer classes (and how to pay for them) tomorrow. Ha. OOOH that reminds me, I need to ask M about his work reimbursing him for his classes...that bill is due really soon!!

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