Monday, April 21, 2008

Car Troubles

I just got off the phone with Goodyear – they were just supposed to do a much-overdue oil change…and just called with news that my 1992 Honda needs more than $900 in maintenance repairs. This fact, plus the fact that my car will need a new timing belt next year (which is more than $500) make me want to cry. My car is only worth about $2,000…and I Just can’t afford this. But, we can’t afford a car payment either. Actually we could, if we weren’t paying $470 a month for M’s car. Yes. $470. My mom is calling our old friend that looks after our Hondas, to have him call the Goodyear and see if it’ll really cost that much or if they’re just BSing a 20-something woman. UGH!!! OMG. I JUST said this weekend how I love my car and I don’t want a new one. But I don’t want to pay more than $900 either.

Looks like our tax rebate check might have to go toward a car instead of M’s credit card bill…at least we have that money coming in. That’s a blessing.

I can’t help but be really angry at M. I don’t have a car payment, but I help him with his. The $470 a month plus the $900 every 6 month for insurance is UNBELIEVABLE. And now I don’t think we can afford a car for me because his costs so much. That isn’t fair. I have never had a ticket or an accident…and I have driven my old, beat-up Honda for more than 8 years now. Sigh. I’m just upset.

Auto insurance is another issue we’ve being dealing with. My insurance company decided that since I was married, M’s points from his accident last year should be on my policy as well – a way to strong-arm us into getting on the same policy. It doesn’t matter to them that M has his own policy that we pay on. SO UNFAIR.

So, I am pretty pissed about cars right now. I’m thinking I should just not get my car fixed, let it sit at our apartment complex and take the frakkin light rail every day.


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Britt said...

Ugh! I feel your pain. My last car broke down about once a month...and the bill was always $900, $1500, $ was riddiculous. Finally, I just decided screw it, I'm buying a car! Can you lower your husbands payments at all? Maybe make room for a new one? Also, $900 for 6 months is cheap in my eyes! I pay $1440!

I hope it all works out. Cars are so stressful. :(