Friday, March 14, 2008

Waiting's 5:15 p.m. on a Friday, and I am still at work. Yup. I'm waiting for a press proof to arrive so I can grab it and then hand-deliver said proof to my boss. Who left for the day.

I now know how my friend feels who works at an advertising firm...only she is there until the wee hours of the morning! Not cool.

Anyways...I am very excited about this whole blog thing, even though my friend K. says that "Blogs are so 2002" - I am not amused. My significant other was wondering if the Blog's name would be "Dani Dorko" - also not cool!!! Sheesh. Give a sistah a break here.


I HATE COLDS! Even when they get you out of work for a day ... and you get to stay home and wander around in a Sudafed delirium...wear your robe all day...and talk to the cat. I like my cat.

BUT, back to waiting. I do not like to wait. For anything. Patience is not a virtue I've mastered...which could be the reason why I got married at 23. I always want the next get over that next hurdle. On Monday, I always wish it was the end of the day, so I can get home to M and D. Actually, I just want it to be Friday!

Even though today is Friday, I'm thinking about Tuesday - I have a test in Anatomy class on Tuesday and I haven't started studying yet. Blech!

Yuppers...Still waiting for that proof...

Maybe I'll go play a puzzle until it comes...hopefully soon.

BTW, Happy Pi Day!!

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kamilshka said...

Followed your comment from well-heeled and thought i'd come watch your blog awhile! Being fabulous on a budget is something i can aspire to, for sure. :P Consider yourself duly added to my Google Reader. :D
(and lmao at Dani Dorko!)