Monday, March 17, 2008

Type A + Online Banking

So, I'm a first-born. That doesn't automatically make me a type-A personality, but I am one so whatever. Anyway. I'm sure the person that invented online banking thought it would be a swanky idea - Get all your bills in one place! Oh, the convenience! The problem is the gives us Type-A's something (else) to obsess over.

Example: This morning I was thinking about money (again) and wanted to check in on the checking account - BTW, it's my joint checking account, and I'll rant about that some other time - and so I went online. My innocent checking-in-on-the-finances turned into an obsessive play-by-play for the next few weeks. I wanted to see if we would be OK this month, even though BOTH our credit cards are ridiculously high. Thankfully, we will. I won't be able to put as much into savings as I wanted...but at least the cards won't carry a balance.

On a credit note, I am very proud of my spending this month - only $26 on the credit card so far! Granted, gas is unbelievably high and I'll have to fill up the car when we go home for Easter - but still. I'm excited!

::cough cough COUGH::

I still have that cold. No me gusta.

Anyway, I'm off - I have to go home and study study study for my test tomorrow. YAY cells, tissues, DNA & RNA!


LJK said...

I'm not the first born, but I'm addicted to my online banking. I usually check it twice a day (joint account, also). I have mini-freak outs when I see a charge pending in the account that I don't know what it is or don't remember spending that exact amount.

I think I need a 12-step program for my online banking addiction.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a first born either, but I'm definitely obsessed/addicted to online banking. I'm a closet addict though. My boyfriend catches hints of it every now and then, but I think if he knew the full extent...well, I think he'd sent me to rehab!