Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cutting Cable = Joy!

When the boy and I lived at our old apartment, we got drastically reduced cable and internet - thanks to the fact that he worked for the company that was renting us the place. Well, when he changed jobs and we moved to our new and bigger apt., we couldn't get the deal anymore...which was tragic since the bill came to $130 a month. For just cable and internet!! Now to be honest, we had gotten digital cable and DVR at our old apartment, which is not only fantastic (PAUSING shows, SKIPPING commercials, RECORDING shows with the push of a button - OMG), but addicting as well. So, we had to overcome that addiction and say goodbye.

Also, as a side note, may I say that Time Warner Cable sucks??

So M went to the cable place and returned the digital receiver...and told them we wanted basic cable (like, the $11 per month kind with 14 channels) and a slower (and cheaper) internet. Lovely! At first, we didn't even notice the change in internet speed (it's slightly slower), and the cable company still has not gotten rid of all our channels (we still get HBO, Discovery, MTV, CNN, etc.). However, the new rate didn't kick in the first month (stupid TWC), but now we have a $60 credit! Woot!

Not paying the outrageous cable bill is really helping our budget. AND, not paying the bill at all this month (or next) really helps us out too! Not to mention that TV is a complete brain-drain. Seriously. There were multiple evenings when M and I would sit in front of the TV for a few hours and then comment how "I can't remember one thing that we watched tonight" on our way to bed. Yeah - awful.

So, cutting cable is an amazing thing. You don't need digital cable and DVR (although it is great to rewind LOST to catch those "easter eggs"), use your VCR! And, ummmm, as an English major I have to tote the complete awesomeness of BOOKS. And hey, you can read those at the library (or at your local bookstore - once I read the entire Third Summer of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants at Borders/Barnes and Noble - don't judge, it's a great book!) - for FREE.

Anyway, what it comes down to is simplifying and enriching your life, and cutting cable did both of those things! Less TV = Joy!


Anonymous said...

Omg. Good for you! I personally would have a very hard time cutting out the cable channels. I need my TLC, HGTV, Bravo, and Discovery.

We cut out the movie channels because we never really watched any of the movies on there. Baby steps I suppose!

Way to go on cutting the cable!

QL Girl said...

My parents cut us off from cable back in '97, so I was used to that...until I went to college. At school we had tons of channels!! I was sad when I moved back home, but only because I could no longer watch Project Runway. [sigh]. Now I have to wait for the seasons on DVD and get them through netflix. lol.

I agree, TV is a huge waste of time when it exceeds more than an hour a night (I gotta watch my LOST though!). I've cut back on my TV time and I'm so much more productive now! That, and I have an addiction to the library. I act like a little kid and make myself read at least a 1/2 hour a day (just like in elementary school!)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of cable, apparently today through Sunday is a free HBO/Cinemax preview weekend for Comcast, Verizon, and others.

Casey said...

I don't know if I could deal with slower internet - I'm so spoiled! But I definitely only have the basic of all basic cable. It has two bonuses: 1. less money, and 2. i'm not stuck on the couch watching TV hour after hour. Though I do have netflix. Drat. There goes that plan.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you still have high-speed internet, and if so: you have to check out You can watch almost anything and enjoy all those features you like.