Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Savings Itch

All of you peeps may (or may not) have noticed that I increased the number of “savings bars” on the right side of the page. Well, I have the savings itch and I just can’t help it! Watching your savings grow is sooo delicious – it’s like eating a warm Krispy Kreme right off the conveyor belt (trust me, it’s awesome). There is just so much to save for!! I really want to have my own little house one day, and I am missing Europe SO MUCH right now – I can’t believe that it’s been nearly four years since I was over there.


Now…you may also notice that several of the bars are at 0%, and that is for two reasons:

1. M and I are doing really well on our budget this month…but as we all know, you pay for last month’s bills when you put everything on a credit card. SO, we won’t be able to start our savings binge until April.

2. I have no clue what savings account(s) to open. The house and travel funds will start with minor funding and eventually be emptied out, so it needs to be an account without a balance requirement. AND I want both accounts to be those loverly “high-interest online savings accounts.”

Does anyone know what is the best online account to open? One of my co-workers has one with e*trade, but that’s because she already has an e*trade account.
Well-Heeled and some other PF bloggers seem to like ING, but I’ve also heard good things about HSBC. Anyone have a suggestion? M and my dad really haven’t looked into these kinds of accounts, so I’m on my own figuring it all out – which is fine, I just want to be pointed in the right direction! So, advice welcome.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Last night I went over to a friend’s place for “craft night” – we watched Enchanted and knitted, painted and quilted. Amazing! I love those feel-good (and cheap) nights with friends. So much fun. Tomorrow M gets paid, and I’ll see how well I planned out the end/beginning-of-the-month finances. Hopefully it’ll go off without a snag. We’re going to carry a little bit of my credit card’s balance over, just so we have a cushion. Not my favorite thing to do, but oh well. Like I said, we’re doing much better this month.

So, if anyone has any advice or experience with online savings accounts, please leave a comment! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

We have an HSBC Online Savings account. We have didn't have a starting balance max and we don't have any balance mins (which is good, cause we've emptied them for our closing on our house in just over 1 week!).

I've never used ING, but from all that I've heard, it seems very similar to HSBC. Once you have your first account set up, you can add more accounts (like ING's subaccounts), and you can give each account a Nickname, so you can remember what they all are for.

The rates on online savings accounts have been coming down lately. I think HSBC is at 3.05% APY. But it's better than my brick-and-mortar bank's savings account.

Anonymous said...

I'm an ING fan myself, despite our rates dropping. :(

I like the setup--super easy to navigate through and understand, you can label certain ones certain things, etc.

Let me know if you want a referral! (It'll get you a $25 bonus right away)