Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wishful Thinking

Here are a couple things that I would LOVE to blog about, if I didn't have paperwork for TWO patients staring me down from the living room.

- How I read Traveling With Pomegranates and how it made me want to take a trip with my mom (and how jealous I was that they got to travel internationally SEVERAL times in a few years).

- How I'm now reading Then We Came to the End and can pull MULTIPLE quotes that refer back to the time just before my layoff. Like, "Both were good stories and together they killed a good hour. Some of us loved killing a good hour of the company's time and others felt guilty for it afterward. But whatever your personal feelings on the matter, you still had to account for the hour, so you billed it to a client." So freaking true. So far, the book is scarily accurate.

- I really, really, REALLY want to post another before and after about the house - this time about the KITCHEN which isn't completely finished, but it's PAINTED THANK GOD.

- OOOH and then there is the fact that I got to do a make-up run-through with my friend that's getting married this weekend. I think in another life I was a makeup artist.

However, I will stop blogging and get to work. Only 4 clinical days left this semester!!! Then on to babies and mothers and kids!!! YAAAAAAAY!!!

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Britt said...

4 more days! Woohoo! (then, I can't wait to see pictures of your kitchen!)