Monday, March 29, 2010


Awesomest news ever – my Adult Health test is now next WEDNESDAY instead of next MONDAY. I’m not quite sure that you can really understand the awesomeness of this schedule change until you know what this week looks like for me…

Monday – class in the morning, work at 5

Tuesday – work at 11

Wednesday – class in the morning

Thursday – OFF (so, studying all freaking day…)

Friday – work all day long

Saturday – work at 5

Sunday – work from 9 to 4ish, then Easter dinner at my aunt’s house

So yesh. I am VERY excited about this widdle schedule change. I need that extra 2 days to study, since this test consistently produces the worst class average. woot woot!

On another note, I had a loverly dream last night that involved going on a date with Robert Pattinson. I’m not quite sure what the date entailed, but it was kinda like he was the same person as one of my college boyfriends, and M was totally OK with the whole thing (since I was asking him for dating advice in the dream…). Anyways. There was no biting-of-the-neck (sadness) and a lot of lusting-general-wanting. I don’t have these types of dreams often, so I wonder what in my subconscious spurred it on. Perhaps it’s the fact that I watched New Moon the other night. Sighhhhh. I love those damn books.

PS – WE GOT OUR KITCHEN CART. The only problem is that I really don’t have time to clean and prime the thing. Maybe I’ll do it on my day off when the weather is supposed to be nice. I can sand and prime and have a loverly time. And THEN I promise to post pictures of my kitchen. Maybe I’ll post the before pictures later tomorrow…

‘Till then, talk to you latah dahlings.

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Cate @ The Blonde Diaries said...

I love the Edward dream. I've been having a lot of odd dreams but they are mainly work related - nothing hot and steamy.

Good luck on your test. I hope you are able to get some quality studying in this week.