Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our First Taste of Yard Work

Hmm. It started with pulling a few dead pieces off a plant... and turned into us thinning out the main front yard island AND the "island" that runs along the wall we share with our neighbor. Sheesh.

Forty-five minutes later, we had filled an entire trash can with yard waste and I was no longer chilly. I have one cut and multiple mosquito bites. I HAVE seen multiple spiders, NUMEROUS mosquitoes (when do those freaking things DIE already?), a wasp nest and a tiny brown snake. Woot woot!

It was actually fun - but don't tell M that or he might make it my permanent job! Also, no raking was involved...which is why it was fun. I hate raking. Blah. And with our neighbor's bajillion-year-old Pin Oak tree next door, we have enough leaves to rake all winter long. (That same tree has caused many, many tiny Pin Oak trees to pop up in our yard too - some of which we can't pull up by hand since the roots are already so freaking deep!)

Anyways, back to reading about intercranial pressure - but that was a nice break. And our front yard looks a wee bit more civilized. =)

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Britt said...


I'd have quit at the snake. Yuck!