Thursday, September 24, 2009

Meh Meh Meh

Soooooooooooooo sorry I haven't posted in a bit - but I got a nasty cold after a very busy weekend and now I'm nearly at the weekend again. So, random thoughts are all you get.

- M bought a spray-painter thing to paint all the cabinets. I am intrigued/scared and I do NOT want to know how much he paid for it.
- Umm DOORKNOBS ARE EXPENSIVE. Ok, not ALL of them, but the pretty ones I LOVE are. ::pout::
- My patient for tomorrow is absolutely terrifying. And it's my fault (I told my instructor that it was hard for my to do my care map when the patient really didn't need anything. I AM AN IDIOT.)!
- Are you watching GLEE? YOU BETTER - it's freaking AWESOME.
- Does anyone have good advice on how to hang heavy pictures that have TWO hooks on the back? I can't ever get them to line up straight...

K. That's all I have for now... off to do patient paperwork and take another cold pill. SIGH.

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Britt said...

There's a picture hanging tool - it's made of plastic and it makes little tiny divots in the wall so you know where to put the nail. It has a level on it. It's yellow. Is this helping? probably not.

I second the Glee thing - it's awesome!