Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Seeeee Youuuu in Septeeeeembeeerrrr...

YAY September! I love this month. The weather is always SO NICE (although, to be fair to NC, this summer hasn't been as hellacious as normal.) and college football is back - ok, so I don't care about THE GAME as much as the TAILGATING. But whatever.

Also. In only 3 short months NEW MOON will be in theaters. Oh yes. I am not ashamed that on today, my first day of Internet access in WEEKS, I spent a good amount of time on the New Moon official movie site and www.newmoonmovie.org/, a sort of Perez Hilton for only New Moon - DO YOU HEAR THAT AUNT K?? Tell UNCLE M!!! Hahahaha.

Anyways, last note on New Moon - I thought this quote from New Moon director Chris Weitz was very funny, "We have to have this very fine balance between having too much and too little Edward. If you have too much Edward, it will be a terrible thing because you want the audience to experience that longing as well, and if you have too little Edward…I’ll be hunted down and killed."

Very True.

On the HOUSE front - I am currently painting the front door. woot! It's actually more exciting than it seems, and I am surprised that I'm still excited to paint after our painting BINGE that first week. It's wearing off quickly though - my hand hurts from gripping the brush! I swear I'll post more pictures soon, and more info about our oven-shopping experience, why our neighbor PROBABLY thinks we're alcoholics, and more fun tales from home-ownership-land.


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Britt said...

I love September too. Love love love. I'm also dancing around with excitement for New Moon. :)

Happy door painting - what colour is it?