Thursday, October 1, 2009


I'm taking a page out of Steph's book and making a loverly list. Because they are awesome (like her).
  • I need to START reading the news again. I had to find out about Ken Lewis from FACEBOOK. Lame-O, Dani, Lame-O.
  • Tea-time with the mommers must happen - SOON. I'm thinking Ooh-La-La's in the Queen City, since THE FREAKING NEW RITZ DOESN'T SEEM TO HAVE HIGH TEA (pant pant pant). Anybody been?
  • My patient for tomorrow came in with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea... and entered rehab after going through a MYRIAD of health-related nightmares. I can't imagine. I ALSO can't imagine getting Strep Throat so badly that you're admitted to the ICU (a girl at my work w/o any health insurance). SIGH.
  • I just stubbed 3 out of 5 toes on my right foot. I am NOT happy.
  • I'm also PMSing SO hard that M might move out. I seriously cried at a "high tea" menu. OMG.
Is this week over yet?


Britt said...

It's weird to think people have to worry about the cost of a doctor so much they end up in ICU!

I agree with you - this week can be over anytime!

ann's daughter said...

I definitely heard about MJ's death on facebook, and get news updates more frequently from it than I would like. At least we don't have to fall back on morse code?

Also, lists are the best! And of COURSE we will hang out when you come to DC, as long it's not the week of Thanksgiving. Yes, please!