Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So M and I took the plunge...and joined Mint.com - I had been pretty apprehensive about the site's security, but after M and I watched the intro. video and saw all the nifty student loan features, we signed up.

Annnnnnnnd...it's ok. It's nice to see everything in one place - including my $0 IRA - but we couldn't get ANY of our student loans into our Mint page. So that sucked.

NOW I keep getting alerts about how we're over our "budget" on certain categories - oy vey! I know I need to go in there and turn them off for the moment, but I'm lazy!

On another note - I took my nursing school entrance exam on Saturday - tres fun. It was not that bad, but I'm just worked up in general about nursing school and my current job. We are SO not busy here, and I'm terrified I'm going to be let go before I can quit in the spring!

We shall see...

Anyone use Mint.com? What am I missing??


Britt said...

That would drive me nuts! I'm pretty much over budget all the time, so I'd be inundated with emails. :) Congrats on writing your nursing school entrance...one more step towards! :)

Anonymous said...

mint takes some tweaking. You've got to set up your budget limits so that you get fewer alerts (and also change your alert limits as well).

as for student loans, usually they get enough complaints that a loan company is missing, and they'll eventually add it. So see what's happening on the forums. And request/complain yourself to encourage them to add your company.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I use Wesabe, but only because Mint won't allow us Canadians in to the party. Wesabe is pretty good, I can't do my student loans on it but I think you can do some if you can upload them. Good luck on your exam!

SB said...

I actually JUST closed my mint.com account; it was nice that it tallied all my expenses, but it was super-annoying with the alerts. I've decided to, ugh, manually count up my expenses every month using my bank website: credit & debit all in one place. Time consuming, but that way I can move things around instead of being nagged by mint when I buy something as a favor to my dad and he pays me back.

As for loans: I consolidated with Sallie Mae and mine showed up... for me it wasn't either great or horrible to have it with the other finance stuff. My monthly payment is low so I won't be loan-free for a while; but I hadn't thought about the big picture in a while, so it was good to remind myself that the loans actually existed!

ps - great blog!