Friday, October 10, 2008


Sorry I didn't get to this last night. The Office + football game + constant CNN + NEW Twilight trailer = very distracted Doris.

So. Freebies. I LOVE FREEBIES. Whether is's leftovers from one of mom's killer meals, or just those little bottles of shampoo in the hotel, I CANNOT resist.

PS - when I was little, I would look under my dad's sink and see rows of little bottles - when I asked mom what they were, she told me (with a roll of her eyes) that they were mini shampoo and conditioner bottles. She acted like this was a BAD thing. To me, it was magic. That feeling has never left me! Teensy bottles of perfume, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. are AWESOME - and even more so now that the airlines are crazy about their 3 oz. rule.

Anyway. In my quest for freebies, I consistently troll shampoo Web sites and sign up for free samples. Not only do I get to try all sorts of delish hair products, but they are perfect for the plane! Recently I discovered that has a whole sample section! You can get everything from lotions to tampons for free on there - and you don't have to sign up with an e-mail address (praise the Lord). Right now, Kashi is telling you to "Steal a Cookie" - and you should. Sign up and get a free (and healthy) cookie in the mail!! It's really yummy too.

With all the Green talk out there now, I have actually thought about how my Freebie obsession might be killing the earth (extra packaging, extra cargo weight, ginormous carbon footprint)...but I still do it through the mail...sorry.

We have a couple street festivals every year downtown, and they ALWAYS give away Freebies - literally I will eat lunch by grabbing Go-gurt, cereal and candy Freebies. Not so healthy, but tres free! Until I moved into an apartment, I would take ANY Freebie handed to me - koozies, lanyards, key chains...anything. However, I realized I was accumulating a HUGE amount of crap and I stopped.

If you want to enrich your MIND with Freebies, look no further than iTunesU. The iTunes store offers college courses on everything under the SUN for free! Many are audio lectures but there are some video lectures as well - M and I watched an hour-long lecture on post-partum care...with a birth scene MUCH much graphic than "Knocked Up." I think M was scarred. Anyway, you literally can listen to an entire Stanford history course for free. Which is AMAZING if you're a dork like me.

Also check out iTunes' podcasts for free audiobooks and other random lectures. Those things REALLY make the time fly in the car.

Does anyone have a fave Freebie site? Are you slightly obsessed with free stuff like me?

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Samantha said...

I can't believe you and M watched a post-partum video. You guys are very brave. I think watching that would make me want to delay child birth atleast 10 more years. Ew! I def. believe in the freebies or anything that is free on that matter. I stand by the site A music lover's DREAM!! If you haven't heard of it or gone to the site- do it. You just plug in your fave artist and they make up a playlist relating to that artist. I've found so many new artists this way.