Thursday, October 9, 2008

Momentary Change of Direction

Umm...I wanted to write about freebies, because Well-Heeled talked about them and I heart freebies to DEATH. BUT I came upon the following link and it made me internally laugh so hard I almost wet myself.

Before I bestow the link upon you, a few reasons WHY I heart this link (and site):
1 - the girl writes like my former theater-major-college-suite-mate talks.
2 - the post involves Twilight (the movie), something I'm buzzing about right now.
3 - I feel exactly the same way.

OK- Link!

Please look at the link. And notice how awful that boy looks. And then go to the following link and see how pretty he is in real life (or at least within the life of the movie...).

Hmmmk. I'm done with my 16-year-old self. Back to reality - and freebies. I pinkie-promise I'll talk about them later on today. I have a whole list to share! In THIS crazy-ass economy, there is never a thing as too many freebies!


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