Sunday, December 12, 2010

People are Weird, Especially When They Eat Out

I see a LOT of crazy things where I work. Things that make you wonder WHERE these people grew up and WHO taught them their manners. Because HOLY CRAPPERS people, on what planet is it ok for a crawling baby to CRAWL AROUND ON A BAR FLOOR WHILE YOU EAT??? Yes, at the bar there were four ladies sitting in a booth and having lunch, completely OK with the fact that there was a small baby (that BELONGED TO ONE OF THEM) crawling around the bar floor. AND these ladies weren't white trash - if I had the cash paid for the collective purses at that table, I could pay my mortgage for more than two months. For serious.

More things that were absolutely wacky:
- Guests looking at you like you are an ALIEN when you come to the table. Seriously people, if you didn't want to talk to anyone at lunch, STAY HOME or GO TO WENDY's.
- It STILL amazes me that people tell me, "I'm waiting on one more," when I ask them if they would like a beverage. NO SHIT SHERLOCK, I SEE THE MENU SITTING ACROSS FROM YOU. It takes every ounce of self-control for me not to say something very snarky.
- I understand that guests pay $2.25 for a drink at the restaurant, and so they are entitled to a To Go Cup. That is fine. I'll get you a To Go cup. I won't be very happy about it, but I'll live, especially if you're tipping 20%. However. Don't ask for a To Go Cup for everyone at the table and then tip 10%. That is NOT cool. Also, it isn't cool to ask for a To Go Cup and then continue to sit at my table for 30 minutes. PEOPLE, I make tips off turning these tables! Don't ask for a To Go Cup and then drink out of it at the table! Weirdos.


Amanda- Hip House Girl said...

Holycrap. I could go on and on and on about weird people and the way they treat servers. But my biggest complaints about working in the service industry were about the management. If we did not have 100% beverage sales (meaning if ONE person the entire night ordered ice water) we would have to roll 100 silverware bundles instead of the usual 50. WTF?!? Also, as a poor young kid, I would try to never, ever buy food at work (the 50% discount was still a ripoff). But one time, I was soooo hungry that I ordered a kids meal that was $5. When I got my boss to come discount it for me, he scoffed at such a small discount and exited out of the screen, meaning I had to pay full-price for my nasty meal. I was so livid that I almost had a Carrie moment. Haha!

Anyway, congrats on graduating from nursing school (and speaking!) and I look forward to posts about how your job goes!

Anonymous said...

Dear D,

I miss you. But I do not miss To-Go cups.