Friday, December 10, 2010

Month of Sighs

This month has been cuh-razy so far. Between turning 27 (sheesh), graduating nursing school (holy crap), procuring a nursing job (HOLY AWESOME AND SCARY), and writing a speech for our nursing school graduation (sweaty palms anyone?), I have had a lot on my mind.

On top of all that, my dad has been nice enough to spend a couple days at our house, putting up some finishing touches that have been a long time coming - HELLO CROWN MOLDING IN THE KITCHEN!!! Soooo, super awesome, but super stressful too. AND it's freaking cold here in NC, which makes my fingers le cold and stiff. AND the cold makes it impossible to spray paint my awesome brass chandelier I got at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for $10... hmmm.

Anyways, just wanted to say hi to everyone out there, and say that I am still here - really stressed and happy for my pharmaceutical assistance - but still here. And really happy that nursing school is alllllllmost over.

I shall try to update more often - especially over the next month as all I do is eat, sleep, study for the NCLEX and work at the restaurant.

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Britt said...

Happy birthday! And yay for nearing the end of Nursing school! Woohoo!