Monday, August 2, 2010

The Library is Bumpin' Bumpin'

In order to adequately study for my final (aka, I need an 80 to get a B in this class and I SWEAR TO GOD if I don't get a B in this class I am going to be pissed), I went to my local library at about 11:45 a.m. I would have gone earlier, except with the stupid budget cuts the library doesn't OPEN until noon on Mondays (don't even get me started about how it's closed on Tuesdays...).

Soooo I was a bit early - and I expected to be the first one there. OH WRONG-O. This was the sight that greeted me when I got out of my car:

Oh yes. Your eyes do not deceive you - there is a LINE to get into the library at noon on a Monday. I sent this picture to M and he was astonished. Honestly I was pleased about the whole thing. I wish the freaking paper could have been there to take a picture of all the poor peeps who wanted to get into the library earlier but couldn't.

Anyways. It was nifty. And cold. Why is it always cold in the library??

Love and kisses...

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Anonymous said...

You should definitely email this picture to someone at the paper. It is ridiculous that people have to wait for the library to open AT NOON. (And WTF is it closed on Tuesdays????) I was just talking with someone today who told me they thought we should close ALL of the libraries to save money. I told them they were crazy and people needed to stop buying so many books and borrowing them from the library instead. This picture is a great reminder that people still need and want to go to the public libraries. YAY BOOKS! Thanks for this little glimmer of hope. xoxox, Emily