Monday, August 9, 2010

Guest Post: 13 Things That Make Me Hostile At Work

Waitresses aren't the only ones you should feel sympathy for - the hostess has a pretty miserable job too. A waitress gets to make everything better by bringing food and liquor...while the hostess is the one who tells you there is a 90-minute wait. On that note, I bring you the first of a reoccurring series: Things That Make Me Hostile At Work, by an anonymous hostess. Enjoy!!!

1. Soggy paper coasters (I have an aversion to touching wet paper).

2. 40+ year-old hostess who thinks she is the boss of me because she's old, but really she's
3. Same hostess noted above who leaves me all of her work to do.

4. Rain.

5. People who think I give them a 30 minute wait quote just
to be funny (seriously, people will ask if I am joking).
6. People who think I care about why they're late for their reservation.

7. Old ladies who travel in packs of 5 or more.

8. Roll-up shortages.

9. Picking up cloth napkins off tables, due to my fear of encountering snot, spit or swine flu.

10. Servers who think I don't seat them on purpose.

11. Sweeping noodles off the floor.

12. Children under 12.

13. When I am asked by people who were
LITERALLY just outside if I think it's too hot (or cold) to eat outside. HELLO, I WORK INSIDE!!!

Note from Dani - #13 is my all time favorite. Seriously people, do you know how STUPID you sound when you ask that? You just walked to the restaurant from your car, which you parked OUTSIDE. It's in the same vein as telling me you are waiting for three more people when I ask you if you would like a drink. Ummm, duh? Isn't that what the THREE OTHER MENUS ARE FOR ON THE TABLE?? Sheesh.

Picture of the Day: Pre-flipcup at M's 30th birthday party

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