Friday, November 20, 2009


Soooooo today was our clinical simulation day - we dress up in our MSON uniforms and go through a 30-minute session with a "patient" (one of the sim dummies). Now, the simulation is unrealistic for several reasons, one being that we were working in groups of THREE - and each of us got a job: Med nurse, assessment nurse and communication nurse. I pulled communication nurse (whooo hoooo lucky #3!) so I had to talk to our "nurse" and "doctor" (one of the instructors).

Well, my job was easy. And we all did pretty well. But that really isn't what my story is about - it's about the movie that they showed BEFORE my group did our simulation. We watched "Wit" a HBO movie (I think) about a woman with Stage 4 metastatic ovarian cancer - Emma Thompson plays the patient. Let's just say that I had a stack of dry tissues before the movie began, and afterward they were all moist and rolled up into balls. Sigh.

BUT. I had a moment of revelation during the movie. I
want to be a nurse. This may seem silly to those of you that know I've been in nursing school for OH about seven months (btw, sheesh) now ... but school's been full of uncertainty up to this point. But now ... after my moment ... I really feel like God has been pushing me toward this for a while. Yes, God. I don't know what or who else could have figured this out - 'cause it SURE wasn't me.

It was something in the movie - the fact that the Fellow was a complete ass-clown, and that the patient had no family (or really friends). The nurse actually cared about the person, not just the petri dish the patient had become to the doctors. There is something inside me that feels drawn to helping people - and for the longest time I wanted to be a doctor to do just that. But - no offense to my med school friends - doctors figure out a lot of stuff, but aren't THERE for the patient. They aren't the ones that talk to you, or get you what you need, or make sure you're feeling ok, or helping you through something hard - that is all the nurse.

So. Good day. Now I just need to get all my nutrition and upper GI stuff straight so I can stay IN nursing school. Ha. That would be ironic, wouldn't it?

Happy Friday everyone!

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Britt said...

I had a revelation like that too in hygiene school. It's nice to know you're doing what you're supposed to be doing..ya know? Congrats on the simulation going well :)