Monday, November 23, 2009

Wishing, and hoping, and praying...

Sometimes I wish I was better at certain things - not philosophical things or mental things - but hnadys dirty get in the mud and fix it things.

Like my care stereo. M's friend left a stereo in M's trunk more than a year ago. And I finally went out and bought the adapter kit so we can pimp out my '92 Honda - and by pimp out I mean I'll finally get a CD player (I haven't had one since the 10-disc changer it came with konked out 5 years ago).

BUT I don't know how to change out the radio/stereo/thingie. Yes thingie. That attests to my utter ignorance right there. I have googled this multiple times, but I'm terrified. I could just get M to do it - but he doesn't get home until it's dark, and I have to work tonight and I'll be taking my car, and then he'll leave for work tomorrow and SUDDENLY it's Thanksgiving and I have to drive to the parent's house with just the radio to keep me company. Sigh.

It's other mechanical-ish things too. Like my washer is making a weird gurgling sound. And I want to install the new light we got for over the kitchen sink. OH and there is a KITCHEN SINK IN MY TRUNK that needs to go where the current sink is residing. But alas, I need the beefcake (aka M) for all this shit. And it annoys me a LOT.

Because what if I wasn't married? What if M didn't know how to do all this stuff? I would be out in the COLD sistah-friend. So the solution? JUST DO IT, right? Well, I would ... but I am REALLY Type A and I don't like messing things up - and how crappy would it be that we have all this cool stuff and due to my impatience it gets all messed up??? Not cool.

So yeah. Back to square one, right?

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Britt said...

I had a mechanic friend change out my car stereo and it took HOURS. It wasn't an easy job.

He probably depends on you for a lot of things too. You could probably go to Home Depot (do they have those in the states?) and get someone to show you how to do the light :)